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Primary Division

Developing students who are confident, curious about the world and deeply rooted in their own communities

The Primary Division program at Avenues Shenzhen integrates the rich academic content of China’s compulsory education with Avenues’ innovative global curriculum, yielding a world-class educational experience that is at once global in scale and local in focus.

50/50 language immersion in English and Mandarin

An interdisciplinary, project-based approach to the humanities and sciences

Specialty classes such as integrated math, art, music and SPARK individualized study

Language Immersion in English

We don’t teach English; we teach in English

At Avenues, learning a second language is more than an academic pursuit; it is a daily practice that transforms the way students see and think about the world. In Primary Division, students spend 50% of their time learning in English and 50% learning in a second language: one day in English, one day in Mandarin, and so on. This way, students learn languages as tools of daily communication that will be useful for the rest of their lives.

The Avenues Discovery Course

Fostering creativity, imagination and connections to the real world

As an interdisciplinary learning journey, the Avenues Discovery Course fully integrates the Avenues World Elements and comprises two main strands: humanities and science. In thematic units, students apply project-based learning in both Chinese and English language immersion environments, acquiring knowledge and skills while connecting their learning to the world beyond the classroom.


Supporting students to discover and pursue their passions

One afternoon a week, students take SPARK, a personalized course of study specially developed by Avenues Shenzhen. SPARK is an opportunity for students to pursue their particular interests in a small group format, with targeted guidance from teachers and outside experts. In SPARK, students deepen their understanding of a subject that inspires them.

Integrated Math

Using mathematics to solve real-world problems

Integrated Math is a special opportunity for students to connect what they learn in their regular math class to their daily lives, applying their skills to real-world problems. Through project-based and experiential learning, students solve problems while developing mathematical thinking, building confidence and practicing perseverance.

Homeroom Teaching

Unlocking the potential of student-centered learning

The Primary Division uses a homeroom model, in which two pairs of teachers—head and associate—in Chinese and English are responsible for most of a student’s education, including literacy (Chinese and English), math, and the Discovery Course (humanities and science). Spending the whole day with their class, teachers take a student-centered approach, getting to know their students and implementing differentiated instruction according to each student’s strengths, needs and interests.

The Fundamentals

The Primary Division program integrates Chinese compulsory education with Avenues’ innovative global curriculum, ensuring that students build deep foundational knowledge while developing empathy, creativity and robust problem-solving skills. The program’s components include:

  • 50/50 English/Mandarin immersion
  • Literacy in English and Chinese
  • Mathematics
  • The Avenues Discovery Course (science and humanities)
  • Character Education
  • Integrated Math
  • Art
  • Music
  • SPARK individualized study
  • Wellness and Movement

The Avenues World Elements

How does Avenues equip its students to become future world-wise leaders? The Avenues World Elements table is our answer to that question. Designed by our research and development team, the Avenues World Elements is a global curricular system that defines the learning outcomes of Avenues students at all grade levels.

In Shenzhen, the Avenues World Elements are integrated with Chinese compulsory education to yield a program that is global in scope and local in focus.

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