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Athletics Assistant

New York, New York

Position:  Athletics Assistant

Location:New York, NY

Why work in the Avenues Athletics Department?

A part of Avenues: The World School, the Avenues Athletics Department is a group of committed coaches who develop, plan and implement our growing sports curriculum.  We pride ourselves in creating programs within each sport discipline, where Middle and Upper School grade work closely together to ensure we cover the necessary skills and fulfill the needs of our student athletes.

An Avenues Athletics Assistant is to manage the day-to-day operations of the Athletic Department as set by the Director of Athletics, Ultimately, the Assistant builds and executes efficient and seamless experiences for everyone who interacts with the Athletics department.

What You’ll Do


The Assistant to the Director of Athletics is responsible for the following (not limited to): 

  • Aid and help the Director of Athletics with daily operations and procedures of running athletic department
  • Manage all game and events efficiently and accurately including confirmations, changes and execution of schedule
  • Organize game and event set up with facilities, transportation, officials, trainers and coverage of athletic events 
  • Work heavily with technology: emails, google docs, drop box, veracross, canvas, teamsnap and other organizational and web platforms
  • Promote and market the department in a positive and consistent way via social media, school displays and in athletics areas
  • Communicate efficiently and effectively both with internal and external constituents
  • Work with student athletes, coaches, parents, faculty/staff, opponents, coordinators, officials, vendors and trainers
  • Create and manage systems and continually refine them in order to best streamline regularly occurring administrative needs around scheduling, communications, etc
  • Organize intramurals, clinics and other additional athletic experiences for athletes
  • Manage the Director of Athletics calendar to that reflects key priorities, including adequate time for important but less urgent ones

Competencies and Experience Required:

  • 2+ years of administrative assistance or related experience in an athletic setting

  • Proficient in Technology: Having the technological skills necessary to perform data entry,  manage reports and activities across numerous platforms is mandatory for this position. This person needs to have a thorough understanding of computer software, browsers, and operating systems in order to perform the job
  • Effective Communication and Collaboration Skills:

    Ability to handle incoming correspondence from parents, vendors, opponents, suppliers, or partners in a timely and professional manner. A friendly and positive attitude with ability to communicate clearly and timely manner. Works collaboratively to help solve problems that enhance the effectiveness of the Athletics Department. 

  • Passion for Athletics and Ability to Coach:

    Being passionate and understanding the importance of athletics in a students life is essential. This person should have a love for sports overall and able to coach any team as needed (either to fill in for a coach or to take over a team). 

    Enthusiasm, commitment, patience, and a passion for athletics are essential to this position
  • Organization and Integrity:

    A high standard of integrity, organization and professional conduct.  Reliably meets deadlines, follows school procedures, is punctual, pays strong attention to detail, attendance is exemplary, books appointments on time, on so forth.  Able to complete tasks efficiently and on time are essential to the success of this role. 

  • Anticipate Needs and Challenges:

    To be exceptional in this position it is essential to anticipate the needs of the department and take initiative to support the department without needing to be asked or waiting for direction.

  • Maintains and Builds Relationships:  Develops and maintains a positive and constructive working alliance with all stakeholders.  Contributes positively to the team (Avenues and the athletics department) and promotes cooperation and commitment to achieve goals.  Motivate and provide positive guidance to our student athletes by following our school and athletic mission.

    Maintain a strong, trust-based relationships with leaders, coaches, faculty, students, staff and parents. 90% of staff and parents report that they can count on this person to help them solve a problem.

To Apply

Please note that being very proficient in technology and strong organizational skills is mandatory to apply for this position.  Those who meet that criteria are those eligible to proceed to the first round.  Please ensure this is reflected in your application for consideration. 

To apply please provide a resume and cover letter outlining your relevant experience.  Apply through the Careers section of the Avenues website (

Avenues is an Equal Opportunity Employer and committed to diversity among our staff. Applicants of diverse backgrounds are strongly encouraged to apply.




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