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Master of Engineering Mathematics

Shenzhen, China
Avenues Mastery Academy

Master of Engineering Mathematics

Location: Shenzhen, China, Beijing, China

Start date: July/August 2021



Avenues is on a mission: changing the world through education. This is more than a platitude for us. With interconnected campuses under development in leading cities around the world, Avenues is uniquely positioned to develop world-wise leaders equipped to face and solve the future's complex global challenges.



The Avenues Mastery Academyis a specialized high school program at Avenues: The World School designed to equip students with the skills, knowledge, and social network needed to become the leading inventors and innovators of the future. Students work alongside world-class faculty and trailblazing practitioners to reverse engineer, reinvent, and redesign leading technologies, from smartphones to 3D printers. Inspired by these mentors, Academy students think the thoughts and practice the practices of history’s great changemakers in order to become the changemakers of tomorrow. 



The Avenues Mastery Academy experience is divided into three year-long themes that embody the paradigms, tensions, and values at the heart of innovation and making: Creation (Grade 10), Innovation (Grade 11), and Foresight (Grade 12). Academic units thoughtfully combine an invention that students build, relevant mathematics instruction, and foundational texts to explore the past and future of the technology. For example, while building their own computers, students are reading 2001: A Space Odyssey by Arthur C. Clark and The Idea Factory by John Gertner.

As a Master of Engineering Mathematics, you will help establish a new model of secondary education with innovation and making at its core, supported by Avenues' global expertise and operations. On your faculty team there will be two Associate Masters of Making and Design, a Master of Innovation and Science Fiction, a Master of Making and Design, and additional team members in curriculum design, admissions, marketing, finance, and operations.  



This is a role for someone that wants to wear many hats. We are more focused on adapting so as to accomplish the right goals than sticking with the plan to execute the wrong goals perfectly. That said, some things you will be doing include:

  • Teach and support the development and iteration of a highly engaging, interdisciplinary curriculum that combines scaffolded math problems and engineering mathematics. 
  • Enable each student to understand the thinking strategies and techniques of mathematics. 
  • Collaborate closely in a startup team focused on students’ learning and well-being. This is a role with many hats that requires adaptability.
  • Build a warm, supportive, respectful learning atmosphere.



You bring all or most of the following:  

  • A love of mathematics and its application to the complexities of engineering and invention.
  • Strong background in engineering mathematics and discussion-based math instruction.
  • Intellectual curiosity and humility to reflect on and continually grow in your practice.
  • Professional fluency in English. 



If you don't already live in China, it can be a big decision to move here. Shenzhen, with its fast urbanization, is a nexus of technology innovation that attracts interesting people from around the world. Beijing, with its deep and rich history, is simultaneously the stage to impressive cultural sites and cutting edge AI and 5G companies. Bloomberg's mini documentary on Shenzhen  and Lonely Planet Beijing are good places to start getting an idea about these two cities. During the application process we will also help give you insight into what living in either city would be like.



Please be sure to read about Avenues: The World School and consider whether we are a good fit for you:

Apply through the Careers section of our website at Be sure to include a letter of application, in English, in which you thoughtfully explain why you believe that this role at Avenues Mastery Academy would be an excellent match for your experience, skills and passions.

If you are excited by Mastery Academy, but not sure about applying, you can set up a brief conversation using this link.

Avenues offers relocation assistance, competitive compensation, and a generous benefits package. Avenues is committed to diversity among our staff, and applicants of diverse backgrounds are strongly encouraged to apply.


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